Friday, January 23, 2009

Is This The End Of A Nation Of Self-Centered Pricks?

I watched the Inauguration Speech on the 20th.

I haven't done that in nearly two decades.

I've thought of immigration to find a country that might take a better stand on healthcare. I've watched as people point at my son, called him names, and rejected my family, not just my son, because of his autism.

People that make comments at the grocery store, when my son hums to calm himself after being bombarded by chemicals and perfumes from all directions.

I've seen government money denied for research against even the scientists recommendations, based on a simple fact. . .

No one wants to admit to wrong-doing because that would be an admission that our system is broken, corrupt, and misguided.

Hell, I didn't even know it until I had my face rubbed in it.

We've spent decades learning to look out for number one, keep up with the Jones', make the quick deal, screw over the other guy, (whoever that might be at the time). Unions that have lost sight of their original mission, protect workers from gross abuses by employers. Companies that ignore the long-term picture for short-term returns. It's all about the individual, not the community.

Now we're paying the piper. 401k's are damn near useless/valueless, Companies have lost half or more of their value. If our economy hadn't gotten so big to begin with, this would be the second Great Depression. Our economic numbers have fallen more than the original Great Depression! Only the regulatory procedures put in place after the first Depression have kept us from all being smashed under the weight of rampant uncontrolled capitalism.


I've grown tired of explaining why I don't watch television to people. I've learned that supplements for my son means that I don't have a 401k. I struggle against non-believers who tell me that autism is incurable, or worse, people who give me sympathy because they don't believe I'll recover my son, but don't want to offend me. I'm tired of reading about studies that 'disprove a link between vaccines and autism', but never mention a single idea as to what is causing autism. I'm also tired of being lumped in with all the men, (and women) who have abandoned their children because of autism.

There are those of us who actually do care and do have a sense of responsibility for what we do! I didn't have a child because I was too interested in getting laid to bother with birth control. I actually WANTED a child. . .

I'm hoping that the new president will help change the general perception of responsibility so that everyone, not just a few of us, start to take responsibility for their own actions.

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